Different Forms of Carpet Cleaning

//Different Forms of Carpet Cleaning

Carpet cleaning is the art of removing dirt and all sorts of stains from your carpet. Rugs are part of our livelihood, especially in a business environment and come to make our offices warmer and cozier.

The truth about carpets is that if they are not cleaning effectively, they may end up being the worst and dirtiest item in your company or house.

This is because carpets are made up of material that takes in the dirt and hides it way from your sight or visitor’s view and keeps the room looking elegant despite all food spills, stains dust among others. Therefore, when it reaches capacity, the dirt might become a health hazard.

The different forms of carpet cleaning will depend on your carpet and the environment it is in. Carpet cleaning calls for one to choose the best cleaning method that is compatible the material make the rug.

Here are some of the different forms of Carpet Cleaning

Vacuum Wash Method

aaagrfghdshgdhdsdIt is the most common cleaning method where we use the regular vacuum wash heads that spray water detergent and at the same time removes through suction. This method just uses vacuum cleaner using air to create a partial vacuum to suck up all the dirt and dust.

Dry Cleaning Method

Dry-cleaning is one of the most preferred forms of carpet cleaning given that one does have to wait for the carpet to dry. It is one of the simplest forms of cleaning carpets. It is done through pouring a special cleaning powder on top of the carpet.

After, the powder will attract all the dirt on it. The process is done using a liquid cleaning solution sprayed on the surface of the carpet to attract dirt like soil particles which are broken down and the sucked up using a buffing machine which is moved evenly across the surface of the carpet.

Steam Cleaning Method

The steam cleaning method is also known as hot water extraction. The stream cleaning is done through a process of pre-treating the carpet with a cleaning solution to help break down all forms of dirt like soil particles. After, the carpet is rinsed with a pressurized hot water rinse. A wet vacuum cleaner is also finally used to remove the dirt, any washing detergent used and steam was leaning the carpet as fresh as new.

Foam Cleaning Method

When using foam cleaning method, the carpet will be subjected to shampooing and dry-cleaning and very little water. The form generated in the cleaning is then vacuumed where much of the water, detergent, and dirt are extracted.

Bonnet Cleaning Method

Bonnet cleaning method is mainly adopted for industrial carpet cleaning where chemical detergents are applied on the carpet. The dirt is then extracted using an absorbent pad on a rotary shampoo machine.

And remember the best option is probably the most affordable one: