Why Your Air Conditioning May Not Be Working Efficiently

//Why Your Air Conditioning May Not Be Working Efficiently

We look forward to summer. It is time to bring out the air –conditioning units to kick away the scorching heat. Sadly, the air-conditioning unit may fail you when you need it most. Why would your AC unit breakdown or need emergency repairs?

Homeowners and renters should understand the basics of why their AC unit is not working. However, watch out for injuries, electrical shocks, or causing further damage to the system.

Typical AC problems

Moisture under the AC system

xjjgspgsnsgnsgbbbSummers bring along high humidity. Always check under the system and see if there any leaks. The dangers of moisture in the AC include mold growth, structural damage, odors, and clogged drain lines. Cleaning the drain pipe or removing debris may solve the problem. However, severe conditions such as water puddles may need the expertise of a professional.

Strange noises

Air conditioners make a certain amount of noise when turned on/off or when it runs. However, beware of strange sounds such as clanging and grinding. It is an indication that part of the system is loose or worn out, and needs immediate repair. Failure to fix the fault may cause the AC to dislodge or break other components.

Takes long to cool a room

fppolxsswmnnfgfffWhen an AC takes long to cool a room, it is time to inspect the unit. Debris and dirt build-up causes blockage inside and outside the unit. Cleaning the unit may be the ultimate solution. Turn off the unit and change the coils and air filters. If that does not solve the problem, the refrigerant may be leaking or undercharged. Consult a certified technician for help.

Increase in utility bills

Utility costs should not increase unless there is a growth in humidity or unusually hot temperatures. The increase in utility bills could mean wiring defects, poor air flow or a major electrical problem. Before replacing the AC, always consult a technician.