It all starts with where you live. So learn to live a smart life

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Your Essential Guide to Smart Living. We are always striving for success and this pursuit of success has led us to forget the simple things in life. We have forgotten what it means to have peace of mind; we have forgotten what it means to have that homely feeling. But how can we get back to it? It all starts with where you live. So learn to live a smart life.

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The committed team of Minetta Brook has dedicated this blog to fellow strugglers who are contributing their efforts to making homes smarter than ever. This blog teaches you how to change all of that by taking a smartest approach to life and bringing the necessary changes that will help you achieve your smart goals.

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5 Tips for Hiring a Commercial Office Cleaning Company In Australia

Are you searching for the best commercial office cleaning company in Australia? Your office is one area that...


Why Your Air Conditioning May Not Be Working Efficiently

We look forward to summer. It is time to bring out the air –conditioning units to kick away...


What You Should Know About Commercial Refrigerator Systems

If you own a restaurant, a bar or any other joint that requires a refrigerator for its smooth...

Different Forms of Carpet Cleaning

Carpet cleaning is the art of removing dirt and all sorts of stains from your carpet. Rugs are...

avoid break ins during the day

5 Factors to Consider When Hiring Locksmith Services

Are you searching for locksmith services in Perth Western Australia? Many people use online means, for example, the...

electric adjustbale bed

Sleeping on Adjustable Beds Helps

Adjustable beds are no longer just a reserve of seniors. Today’s adjustable beds bring with them countless benefits...

5 Tips for Hiring a Commercial Office Cleaning Company In Australia


Are you searching for the best commercial office cleaning company in Australia? Your office is one area that needs regular cleaning since it’s the place that you spend most of your business hours. Customers, vendors, and employees regularly meet you at the office, which means it’s one of the most visited areas.

Cleaning it on a regular basis ensures that it gives an excellent first impression to potential customers as well as making it welcoming and comfortable.
This post gives you five tips for hiring the best commercial office cleaning company.

Safe Cleaning Products

afpiafeapfougurseueyryrtrtrrrrrWhen signing the contract with the cleaning company, you should ensure that it stipulates that only safe and environmentally safe products should be used. Another thing is to make sure that the company provides these products since you don’t want to be the one purchasing supplies on a regular basis.

Free Written Estimates

A professional cleaning service should provide you with free cleaning quotes. That’s because you need to plan your budget and compare estimates from different services. Remember that there are many office-cleaning services in Australia, which means that you may want to narrow down your comparison to at least three companies.

Check Their Billing Style

Find out if the cleaning company charges by the hour or has a set fee for your office clean. Depending on the extent of the work, ensure you choose billing styles that suit your budget estimates.

oahzoabzbbiqbxegcusoeroxAsk If They Have Insurance

Avoid hiring commercial cleaning companies that operate without insurance. A firm with coverage means that you and the contractor and protected in the case of incidents or accidents.

Work Is Up to Standard

Spot-check and find out if the company has cleaned the agreed areas. For instance, make sure they clean the toilets, empty bins, vacuum the place and replace hand towels.


Hiring a commercial office cleaning company in Australia should be smooth using the above informative post. Remember to read the online reviews of the service you’re hiring for the best outcome.

Why Your Air Conditioning May Not Be Working Efficiently


We look forward to summer. It is time to bring out the air –conditioning units to kick away the scorching heat. Sadly, the air-conditioning unit may fail you when you need it most. Why would your AC unit breakdown or need emergency repairs?

Homeowners and renters should understand the basics of why their AC unit is not working. However, watch out for injuries, electrical shocks, or causing further damage to the system.

Typical AC problems

Moisture under the AC system

xjjgspgsnsgnsgbbbSummers bring along high humidity. Always check under the system and see if there any leaks. The dangers of moisture in the AC include mold growth, structural damage, odors, and clogged drain lines. Cleaning the drain pipe or removing debris may solve the problem. However, severe conditions such as water puddles may need the expertise of a professional.

Strange noises

Air conditioners make a certain amount of noise when turned on/off or when it runs. However, beware of strange sounds such as clanging and grinding. It is an indication that part of the system is loose or worn out, and needs immediate repair. Failure to fix the fault may cause the AC to dislodge or break other components.

Takes long to cool a room

fppolxsswmnnfgfffWhen an AC takes long to cool a room, it is time to inspect the unit. Debris and dirt build-up causes blockage inside and outside the unit. Cleaning the unit may be the ultimate solution. Turn off the unit and change the coils and air filters. If that does not solve the problem, the refrigerant may be leaking or undercharged. Consult a certified technician for help.

Increase in utility bills

Utility costs should not increase unless there is a growth in humidity or unusually hot temperatures. The increase in utility bills could mean wiring defects, poor air flow or a major electrical problem. Before replacing the AC, always consult a technician.

What You Should Know About Commercial Refrigerator Systems


If you own a restaurant, a bar or any other joint that requires a refrigerator for its smooth running, you need to have expertise on what to expect. You should know what qualities to look out for and what to ignore.

As opposed to home use refrigerators, commercial refrigerators work for longer hours and probably carries more contents as opposed to the former. Before the need to buy a commercial fridge, you think that there are many varieties to choose from and the task is easy.

However, it is when you are in the market that you will notice your options appear limited and you know not what to do.

What are the tips top choosing a good commercial refrigerator?

For the smooth running of your business, here are some of the factors that you should consider:

The manufacturer

a fridge for alcoholLike any other electronic appliances, there are those brands that we all know provide some of the best fridges whether for commercial purposes or home use. Many brands may come in your way to confuse you. Some are focusing on quantity over quality and vice versa. However, you as a consumer have to keep in mind that it is important to pick one that meets and satisfies most of your refrigeration needs.

Consider the warranties and additional services

While it is true that electronics will not last forever after purchase, you should always find brands offering good warranties. Sometimes your fridge might incur a mishap excessively soon, and the warranty will come in handy. Also, consider extra services provided by the brand. Go for those who provide maintenance and repair services because you will obviously need them at one time.

The size of the refrigerator

In particular for commercial use, the size of the fridge is critical. The size of the refrigerator that you will buy depends on the size of space that you have for its purposes. Before purchasing any of these products, first make sure you have enough space in your restaurant, bar or any other place that you want the fridge fitted. Also, consider the door and other furniture in the room.

The location of the condenser

installing cool rooms in a mallWithout a condenser, the refrigerator is useless. It is the reason behind keeping your drinks and foods cold even in warm conditions. In that case, it is important to know its location in the commercial refrigerator that you are about to buy because this way it will be easy to clean it. Mostly, the condensers are either top-of-the-unit, or bottom-of-the-unit mounted. Knowing your needs will enable you to make the right judgment in this case.


If you own a bar, a restaurant or any other joint that requires the services of a refrigerator, you will need to do so with much care, or else you may end up incurring loses. We have provided you with some of the tips to consider above, and we hope it will be helpful. Remember to have your needs always in mind when purchasing a commercial refrigerator as that will go a long way in determining your final product. Find more by visiting


Different Forms of Carpet Cleaning

Carpet cleaning is the art of removing dirt and all sorts of stains from your carpet. Rugs are part of our livelihood, especially in a business environment and come to make our offices warmer and cozier.

The truth about carpets is that if they are not cleaning effectively, they may end up being the worst and dirtiest item in your company or house.

This is because carpets are made up of material that takes in the dirt and hides it way from your sight or visitor’s view and keeps the room looking elegant despite all food spills, stains dust among others. Therefore, when it reaches capacity, the dirt might become a health hazard.

The different forms of carpet cleaning will depend on your carpet and the environment it is in. Carpet cleaning calls for one to choose the best cleaning method that is compatible the material make the rug.

Here are some of the different forms of Carpet Cleaning

Vacuum Wash Method

aaagrfghdshgdhdsdIt is the most common cleaning method where we use the regular vacuum wash heads that spray water detergent and at the same time removes through suction. This method just uses vacuum cleaner using air to create a partial vacuum to suck up all the dirt and dust.

Dry Cleaning Method

Dry-cleaning is one of the most preferred forms of carpet cleaning given that one does have to wait for the carpet to dry. It is one of the simplest forms of cleaning carpets. It is done through pouring a special cleaning powder on top of the carpet.

After, the powder will attract all the dirt on it. The process is done using a liquid cleaning solution sprayed on the surface of the carpet to attract dirt like soil particles which are broken down and the sucked up using a buffing machine which is moved evenly across the surface of the carpet.

Steam Cleaning Method

The steam cleaning method is also known as hot water extraction. The stream cleaning is done through a process of pre-treating the carpet with a cleaning solution to help break down all forms of dirt like soil particles. After, the carpet is rinsed with a pressurized hot water rinse. A wet vacuum cleaner is also finally used to remove the dirt, any washing detergent used and steam was leaning the carpet as fresh as new.

Foam Cleaning Method

When using foam cleaning method, the carpet will be subjected to shampooing and dry-cleaning and very little water. The form generated in the cleaning is then vacuumed where much of the water, detergent, and dirt are extracted.

Bonnet Cleaning Method

Bonnet cleaning method is mainly adopted for industrial carpet cleaning where chemical detergents are applied on the carpet. The dirt is then extracted using an absorbent pad on a rotary shampoo machine.

And remember the best option is probably the most affordable one:

5 Factors to Consider When Hiring Locksmith Services

avoid break ins during the day

Are you searching for locksmith services in Perth Western Australia? Many people use online means, for example, the Internet when they want to hire locksmith services.

The reason is that many locksmiths advertise their services online. However, you need to be careful about these services. The reason is that you need a professional locksmith. Locksmiths are professional trades’ people who have experience in repairing or installing locks.

This post looks at five factors to consider when hiring them.

installing new locks is a straightforward operation

Licences and Reputation

• One factor to consider when hiring them is their reputation. That’s because you need a locksmith who’s licensed. They should also have a good reputation.
• The best way of hiring them is by asking your colleagues, friends or relatives about their favourite locksmiths. It ensures you only hire the best ones.

Don’t Post Requests Online

• Avoid posting online about your need for professional locksmiths. The reason is you may end up contracting fake locksmiths.
• For instance, by posting your request online, burglars may apply to do the job. The result is that your possessions may get stolen.

Hire Those with the Best Equipment

• You should also hire those with the best equipment. That’s because you may have sophisticated locks. Make sure you hire those who have knowledge about electronic and digital locks.
• They should also have physical addresses within Australia. The reason is you may need their services in the middle of the night.
• Make sure you ask for guarantees about their work. That’s because you need to be sure they have expertise in locksmith services.
• You should also look for those with knowledge about the latest security locks. It avoids instances of unprofessional locksmiths destroying your expensive locks.

contractor changing locks
Contractor changing locks
Hire Those with Special Training

• Consider hiring specially trained locksmiths. That’s because you may need those with experience in opening locks, for example, a safe.
• When hiring them in Australia, make sure you hire those who specialise in specific services.
What to Do
• Ask for written estimates. That’s because you need those who are honest about the cost of their services. You should also negotiate when asking for their quotes.
• Another way is by making sure you read their online reviews. The reason is that the best locksmiths have websites.
• Hire those with workers’ and business insurance. That’s because as the homeowner, you will be liable for damages or injuries to your property or the locksmith. That’s in the case of accidents when carrying their jobs.
• Hire those with physical addresses within your location. That ensures fast responses in the event of you losing your keys.
• Ask for referrals. The reason is that you need locksmiths who have knowledge about the latest locks. It also ensures you hire those reputations to protect.
• Avoid the common mistake most people do. That’s trying to break your locks. That’s because you may end up disturbing your next door neighbours.
• Consider those that have 24/7 customer care desks. That will ensure they respond fast to your emergencies.

Final Thoughts

Hiring a professional locksmith in Australia should be easier using the above guide. Remember to read their online reviews and ask about their knowledge of specific services.

Sleeping on Adjustable Beds Helps

electric adjustbale bed

Adjustable beds are no longer just a reserve of seniors. Today’s adjustable beds bring with them countless benefits to every user.

Together with numerous health benefits, these beds offer ultimate comfort for a great night’s sleep. In addition to falling asleep more quickly, you stay asleep longer.


Distributes pressure over your entire sleep surface

Various features of an adjustable bedOne of the most significant benefits of moveable beds are the fact that they evenly distribute pressure all over your entire sleep surface.
It is unlike the traditional beds that do not do so thus straining the heart by forcing it to work harder to take nourished oxygen through the body’s bloodstream. With adjustable beds, you will be able to adjust your sleep surface to angles that drastically reduce the strain on the heart. Using this bed promotes proper blood circulation.

Temporary relief from acid reflux symptoms and hiatus hernia

Ever woken up at night feeling a painful burning sensation in your throat? At times, do you find yourself suffering from a sore throat, dry cough and unexplained hoarseness? How about this, do you have challenges swallowing food?

All these are clear indications that you might be suffering from a hiatal hernia or acid reflux. The symptoms take place because the acid from your stomach finds its way back to your oesophagus. Sleeping on an adjustable bed drastically reduces the chances of such a thing happening.

Provides countless health benefits

lower back pain is not funThere is no doubt that ergonomic adjustable bases help get rid of numerous health problems such as GERD, sleep apnea, snoring, and heartburn.

The bed might also offer temporary relief from symptoms of a hiatal hernia, oedema, poor blood circulation, and low back pain.

Relief from Edema symptoms

Oedema is simply a swelling that is caused by fluids inside your body’s tissues. Often, it takes place in the legs, ankles, and feet. In most cases, medical professionals recommend that you put your legs in a raised position so that the fluid can circulate from the legs to other parts of the body.

Unquestionably, sleeping or resting on an electric bed makes it very easy to raise both your legs. It also helps you to find a therapeutic position, which might relieve the painful symptoms temporarily.


A moveable bed enables you to work or relax effortlessly right from the comfort of the bed.
You can easily use a tablet, read a magazine, or even watch your TV from such a bed. You can use your mattress throughout the day.

a good quality bed is essential

Adds comfort

These beds allow your muscles to relax, relieve back pain while providing support to your body. Ultimately, you wake up feeling refreshed and energised.

Having known the benefits of moveable beds, the following are some of the conditions that the beds are popularly known to offer long-term or temporary relief:

  • Lower back pain
  • Heart problems
  • Lack of joint mobility
  • Shoulder and neck tension
  • Minor pains and aches
  • Pain from arthritis
  • Swollen feet or legs
  • Acid reflux
  • Asthma and a host of other breathing problems

In summary, adjustable beds boast many benefits. They offer customised support, proper circulation, pressure relief, and healthy posture. Use one today and discover their magic.

5 Ways to Manage Waste and Why You Should Consider Skip Bins

incineration is a great method

Are you searching for ways on how to carry out waste management in Australia? Many Nations face problems in waste management. For instance, toxic and non-biodegradable waste cause environmental degradation if not properly disposed of.

Waste such as that of damaged electronic gadgets contains radioactive remnants.

The result is harmful effects on your family, yourself and also pets if not properly managed.
Industrialisation has also created problems in garbage disposal in Western Australia. What you need to consider are proper, fast and safe ways on waste management such as skip bins.

This post gives you five ways of efficient waste management including skip bins.


recycling is critical in 2017
Recycling is critical in 2017

One safe way of handling waste is through recycling. That’s where you transform waste products into other products which are useful. Among the products you should consider recycling are glass, paper, aluminium and plastics.

Most recycling processes tend to be expensive. That means you should consider them for industrial purposes in Australia.


Another way you should consider when carrying out waste management is sanitary landfill. You should make sure you lay a protective covering.
That ensures you separate the waste from factors such as groundwater.You should also use non-porous soil to ensure toxic chemicals don’t contaminate water.
Use this method in areas with low groundwater levels in Australia. Avoid this approach in flood prone areas. Sanitary landfill also requires a lot of labour. That should make you plan your budget first.


It involves accumulating waste in a pit for an extended period. Microbes aid in the decomposition of these organic wastes.
You can then use the resulting compost as plant manure. However, you should remember that this process tends to take vast areas of land and is quite slow.


It enables you to transform the waste material to energy. That’s when you trap the generated heat. Inert ash and different gases will be by-products of this process. It results in various degrees of pollution. That’s depending on the design of the incinerator and also the type of waste.
You should consider using filters to check air contamination. It’s a less costly way and also results in the decrease of the burnt waste. You can use the energy generated to cook, heat or as the power to your turbines.
It enables you to get rid of toxic and hazardous waste. You can also use the ashes for hydroponic solutions.

Skip Bins

skip bins for commercial useOne safe, time efficient and effortless way to carry out waste management is through the use of skip bins. Skip bins are available for hire from various skip hire companies in Australia.
They enable you to discard your waste items in a managed way. Skip bins allow you to sort out your waste in ways that are safe for the environment. For instance, skip hire companies give you sorting options. That’s where they take the waste to sorting centres.
That helps to separate organic and toxic waste. It also saves you time, energy and is safe to the environment.

Final Thoughts

Carrying out waste management should be easier using the above guide. You should consider using skip bins as a result of their environmental benefits, cost effectiveness and also easy ways to manage waste.

Visit this site to know more

Creating a Beautiful Peaceful Home

In the current day and age, after a tiring day of work. You want to come home and not be worried about the pile of work that is waiting for you. You want to come home relaxed and feeling calm after a tiring day and your home should not be adding to the stress you had to adhere to all day. So how can you create a beautiful yet peaceful home, you can come back to after spending a day at work and then just recharge? Comprised below are a few tips that can be used to create that harmony:

One of the very first things you have to understand is that each and every room in your house is equally important. Whether you use that space or not that is irrelevant, so when you create and manage things initially by moving in – pay equal attention to every room so that afterward it does not affect your mind and be a constant reminder of work that is needed to be done.

The second step towards a peaceful home is that you need to conquer the clutter you create. There has to be a plan in place while dealing with the clutter. So that when you have to leave the house, you are not scrambling around in the clutter – looking for keys or any other belonging that you need.

An essential impact on your brain is caused by the colors of your walls. Research has shown that wall colors have an effect on body temperature and appetite. So you need to be aware of how different colors have a different effect on your mood before actually deciding the colors of your walls.

Another important step towards creating a peaceful sanctuary is not to have any negative memories. All the belongings in your house have some sort of memory attached to them. Surround yourself with positive memories so that you remain optimistic and not be drained by any bad flashbacks.

As human beings, we are appealed by natural elements all around us – so you can add that to your house. These can be small fountains, wooden bowls – All these natural elements will help you nurture your nature and keep you positive at all times.

Plants are also an important natural element that can be added to your homes. Not only do they add this natural aspect but also clean up the air in and around your space that will help you breathe easily and just relax.

If you are a busy person and spend most of your time outside your house, then you need to focus on letting the outside air get into your house. Take the time to open your windows on a regular basis so that the toxic air can be replaced with fresh air.

As you design your home, you have to focus on creating a harmony. You have to make a design that allows you to move from one activity to another with relative easiness – this will help you not to stress and just go about your business.

You have to stay smart and not worry about adding more work to your daily routines. These small steps will help you build a home that is peaceful and allow you to achieve your smart goals.

Things to Consider When Renovating Your Home

It is in human nature to want more and more and the concept of renovation is no different. Somebody would want a better kitchen; somebody would want additional space for study. Somebody would want to get a bigger shower space. Renovation can provide enticing ideas; however, you need to consider the financial cost it is going to bring you before you decide to renovate. There are several factors that you have to consider before you actually decide to renovate your house.

The very first thing you might want to keep in mind is whether to do it yourself or hire professional help. If you have prior experience of doing similar work, then surely it is considered right for you to save the money and do the work yourself. But if you have to seek help from tutorials on the internet then it is advisable to not get your hands dirty and hire a professional to do the work for you.

With all renovation ideas, there is a price tag attached to it. So you also have to consider whether or not you can afford it. You have to actually make a budget for this kind of project and then assess whether this renovation is affordable to you or not.

Every renovation project is bound to take time and more often than not, it tends to take longer than you had planned or estimated. So you need to be very clear on whether or not you have the time to spare for a renovation project.

You might be thinking about renovating on your property, however, there are other stakeholders involved as well and you have to consider dealing with them. Not only would you have to notify the neighbors but also deal with the regulatory authorities to get the permission for your renovation project. There may be some complications in some cases, so it is best that you get the legal obligations out of the way first before actually starting working. You do not want to be halfway down the project and then be notified that you are not allowed to make certain changes that are affecting the bylaws of the neighborhood your property is located in.

Electricity wires also have to be taken into consideration before any major changes like the demolition of a wall is done. You do not want to go around causing damages to the electrical works or even the plumbing – so consulting would be preferred.

Similarly, it is best if a structural engineer is also consulted before any major renovation is begun. Expert advice has to be taken into consideration before any structural changes are made. You do not want to be causing damages to the structural integrity and then have to face consequences.

The last thing you have to keep in mind is whether there are any asbestos in your house or not. According to the Australian government laws, the use of asbestos has been banned since 1989 in the building. So it is advisable to get an inspection done before the project is begun.

Smart Home, Smart Living

As technology has made progress over the years, there are all kinds of advancements that have taken place in every field. And home appliances are no exception. Who would not want their homes to be smart? So that you do not have to worry about the little things like changing the thermostat or turning off the lights because with new technology, all of this has been made possible remotely with a simple command and all of this falls under the category of smart living in a smart home.

So how does one go about making his home smarter? One of the very first things that you need to understand is that if you want to get the actual benefits of a smart home, you need to get yourself a device or a smartwatch that allows you to take control of your entire home from a remote location – from wherever you are. Whether it involves turning the appliances off or checking the security, this device will allow you to monitor everything without any hindrance and truly allows you to get the experience of smart living.

In your first step to building a smart home, essentially, you have to consider WiFi connectable lights. They are easy to use and also allow for addition security measures in case you have to leave your house. These bulbs are controllable from your portable device and because of their LED technology – they tend to save you a lot of bucks on electricity bills.

The second thing you want to consider if you are looking to make your home smart is to get a smart thermostat. These smart thermostats will allow you to take control of the heating system and as they can be motion censored, they can work on their own.

Other things to consider while you try to build your smart home are getting appliances that are connected to your smart network. These appliances can be Bluetooth connected and can be turned on and off remotely – allowing you to access them from anywhere and therefore using them.

Smart security is also an additional package of the smart home. This allows you to worry not about burglars, lights being left on and proper authorities being informed in case of any emergency. Garden appliances can now also be added to the smart home package, therefore you can program the sprinklers to go on at a certain time and then go off after a certain period – leaving you tension free about the garden.